You’re like the ocean…

Pretty enough on the surface,

but dive down into your depths,

you’ll find beauty most

people never see. Lucky me.

I fell in, headfirst.


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People get drunk
They hook up with the wrong person
And pretend to be okay
People act tough
And get mad

People will do anything to distract their heart.
They will do anything to distract it from missing someone.


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*sigh* why am i better than everyone

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Don’t Be Sad, Look At These Baby Ducks

If you didn’t already know, baby ducks are pretty much precious little nuggets of joy. They have been clinically proven to cure depression and disease and all other problems because they are perfect.For now we will cure your sadness. In order to do so, you simply have to look at the following pictures of them. It’s an intense journey. Prepare yourself.

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the difference between this show and allllll the others: Jayne’s reaction to the hat is not AWWWW MOM WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME WEAR THIS HAT but, instead, is THIS IS THE AWESOME HAT Y’ALL DON’T EVEN KNOW.

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